Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Is She Crying Again?

This morning after dropping my girl off at daycare I met a transfer truck traveling in the opposite direction. Before the moment that we actually passed in the road a mother duck and duckling decided it would be a good time to waddle slowly across the road. We both stopped and allowed them to cross safely.

After they were safely across the road, the truck driver and I exchanged a friendly wave, and we went in opposite directions. Almost immediately tears began rolling down my cheeks. I was just so struck by the kindness of the truck driver and the beauty of the encounter. He could have easily smashed those ducks without a second thought, but he chose to join me in letting them cross safely.

I used to be tough, but somehow I have turned into a crybaby. Personally I attribute the change to the birth of my daughter. It is almost as if her birth fully opened my eyes to the beauty of life that surrounds me, and now more than ever I often find that the beauty is more than I can take! Now, when I see another child (even the students I teach) I can't help but think about the fact that somewhere that child has a mother who loves him just as much as I love my sweet girl. I feel like giving birth has really caused me to place a greater value on life in general. Perhaps it is because the process of being pregnant and giving birth caused me to come to grips with just how fragile life really can be and how each new day really is a blessing.

So if you are around me, and I cry about random things like Johnson's Baby Shampoo commercials, Pampers commercials, or kids singing at church, don't worry. I'm not depressed. I'm just amazed by the beauty of this life that God has given me and sometimes my amazement trickles down my cheeks in the form of tears!

God’s handiwork is a spectacle that, rightly understood,
should not only take our breath away
but should inspire us to worship and praise our God.
-- Bill Crowder

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  1. I'm the same way. Totally agree.